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AGUA Magma de Cabreiroá

When it comes to water, they all look the same, as it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. But probably, most people have never tried one like Magma de Cabreiroá, because it is not just a still water .


At first sight, the fine bubbles of the natural carbon dioxide from the earth's magma are visible. However, when you drink it, you do not feel the presence of these bubbles. Because it is not a sparkling water either. Cabreiroá has presented it as a "needle water".

The Galician water of Magma has spent hundreds of years in absolute darkness. The granite massif of Verín has protected it from the oxidation produced by the action of light and, thanks to it, has preserved its properties intact for millennia. It contains the fine bubbles that form when the water is filtered with the combustion gas of the underground magma.

The Magma aquifer thus feeds on the rainwater that falls on one of the best preserved natural environments of Galicia. It is a premium product, packaged in aluminum, whose opacity protects it from any interaction with light.

Its organoleptic qualities make it especially suitable to combine with the high gastronomy. The secret lies in its balanced combination of natural gas and bicarbonate. Both elements stimulate the taste buds and sense of taste. Therefore, renowned chefs such as Pedro Larumbe (Pedro Larumbe, El Plató and Finca del Valle), Xosé Torres Cannas (Pepe Vieira "Camiño da Serpe"), Pepe Solla (Casa Solla) and Sarah Stothart (Tapioles 53) Of ambassadors of the new product of Cabreiroá, and offer it in their restaurants.

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In case of affections, especially renal or circulatory, consult your doctor.


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Holoslife. 100% Sea Water

The sea water of Holoslife is taken from the waters of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, a protected area since 1994. It forms part of the Alborán Sea which with its volcanic morphology and currents from the Atlantic Ocean give it special qualities in terms of concentration Of minerals (more than 10% of Magnesium and Calcium than the sea water of the Mediterranean).

Mineral salts and marine prebiotics for proper nutrition and cellular revitalization.

Container free of Bisphenol A and Phthalates.

"The Sea Water heals all evils," said Plato.

In addition to sodium chloride (the common salt), sea water provides more than 90 elements of the periodic table.

Water is a fundamental part of our constitution. We are 70% water and just try our tears to realize that it is slightly salty. The salinity of sea water quadruples that of our body.



Excellent seasoning, giving to our food the perfect point of natural salt. After cooking the food, add the salt by adding a trickle of sea water.

For washing fruits and vegetables

To enhance the taste of food

In topical use (external) for the washing of scars, skin problems, acne, psoriasis, mycosis, pruritus, vaginitis, among others.

In addition to disinfect and heal wounds in the mouth, such as mouthwash and toothpaste.


In normal conditions of health a maximum consumption of a quarter of a liter per day is recommended. In case of affections, especially renal or circulatory, the doctor should be consulted.


A part of sea water in three parts of water with a preventive and nutritive objective, contributing the own minerals of the sea water. Calming appetite, alkalizing our body.


Pure sea water taken without mixing to detox. Regulates intestinal transit and helps constipation.

With Holoslife 100% sea water, safely incorporate sea water into your healthy habits.